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Castletown - Ancient Capital of Mann
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Castle Rushen - Sealed Knot

1651 Castle Rushen invasion
page four - the invaders are inside the Castle

Invaders gain access to the Castle

Fiece fighting within the outer bailey

A Sally Port has been left open by deserters letting the besiegers rush in and a fierce fight within the Castle is underway.
The fighting and slaughter of defenders intensifies
Snipers are picked off the  Castle walls
The Parliamentary forces are too many in number for the defenders who are driven further and further back. In the outer Bailey the slaughter was almost total - Castle wall marksmen were picked off one by one.
The Royalist Commander is captured
The women do not wish to be spoils of war
The Royalist Castle Commander was captured and resistance almost extinguished. As most of the defenders were dead invaders decided the women were to be spoils of war - but the women had other ideas, putting up a vigorous defence until Cromwellian officers restored order.
A traitor pleads for his lfe
........and is shot!
A traitor was discovered! He was brought before the assembled troops and pleaded for his life but to no avail. He was shot! Such was justice in the 17th Century.
A beggar is found!
A beggar was found hiding in the Castle but the invaders recoiled on seeing his open sores considered him "unclean" - a source of disease. He was put to death as well!

All resistance was now almost at an end - Royalist remnants having retreated within the Keep. Artillery is brought up and pointed at the Keep with the intention of reducing it to rubble should there be further resitistance.

The Garrison calls a parley and Commissioners are sent into the Keep to negotiate surrender terms.

Finally, surrender is proclaimed and the Garrison march out with the Countess of Derby at their head.


An excellent weekend enjoyed by over 1,500 spectators. The Sealed Knot are coming back again in 2002. We will keep you informed of dates and time. The Sealed Knot have an excellent website: http://www.sealedknot.com

For further information there are three Isle of Man contacts: Martin Franks - 83 64 49; Martin Gershman - 61 41 35; and Ray Ledingham - 83 29 91.

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